Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vorn's Domain Path for 5e Clerics

5e Clerics pick a path based on their god's domain, which gives them bits as they level up. None of them quite fit Vorn--Grim, grey god of iron and rain, so I made this custom path.

Vorn's Domain

1st Level

-Bonus proficiencies w/martial weapons & heavy armor.

-When you get hit with a melee attack from a (non-magic) metal weapon, the attacker must make a Dex check or their weapon rusts beyond use. You can use it once per point of Wisdom mod until you rest.

2nd Level

-You take half damage/effect from storm, lightning or thunder of any kind.

6th Level

-Rain cannot touch you.

8th Level

-Rusting Grasp a number of times per day=Wisdom mod.

14th Level

-You can intensify any rain into a torrential downpour.

17th Level

-You may ignore the damage from a metal weapon a number of times per day = to your Wis mod. Other rust abilities affect magic weapons on a failed item save.


Tony Elfson said...

And to think I was going to roll a bard.
Any chance you'll be posting other conversions of your homebrew stuff, specifically The Alice Class?

Zak S said...


John Proudfoot said...

Awesome. What's rusting grasp?

Zak S said...

Rob Monroe said...

Do you have a list of recommended spells for the Vorn domain?

Zak S said...


Socrates_Is_Mortal said...

"Vorn--Grim, grey god of iron and rain"

I like the sound of that. It seems that if Vorn had an anthem it would be "Days of Rain and Rust."