Friday, April 18, 2014

Rules for HQ Construction, Spell Research and Miscellaneous Post-Creation Character Customization

1. Go to the list of locations here. There are one hundred.

2. Choose an entry. Or more than one.

3. Replace words. Any word (including names)--trade 1-for-1 and make sure the finished sentences are coherent. There is one other requirement: this is a place your character has been. They may have visited once, adventured there, been born there or whatever.  Feel free to invent anything that doesn't contradict your PC's established history. You can add a note about that to the description.

4. Send the altered text to me. You guys can overlap, it's not a big deal.

5. You'll receive one Renovation Point for each word you replace. These points are useful in getting things done quickly in Vornheim, Nornrik, or any other civilized and welcoming place you rest while you are flush with cash and the GM is in a generous mood (Special horse? New spell?). The system uses d20 rolls--so 10 points will get you a 50% chance of getting one thing done, 18 will get you a 90% chance of getting that thing done. You may spend a maximum of 18 points on any single task, but you can accumulate many more points than that if you have multiple things you'd like to get done.

6. You get 3 extra points if an entry you rewrite is interesting. 3 for each.

7. Changes to the PC and setting are subject to GM approval. The GM will tell you what's an acceptable change after you alter the text but before you choose to roll.

This is a special code for the GM: "Replace Us".

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