Monday, April 21, 2014

Negaverse Hit Squad

Negaverse Hit Squad
A G+ hangout game. First session approximately 18.5 hours from this post (scheduling can be bent around volunteers).
Your assignment: assassinate the evil Justice League of the Negaverse.
Interested? Rules below:

We'll be using (Advanced) Marvel Super Heroes/FASERIP, which you can download here.

Character generation is modified as follows:
100 pts total for attributes (FASERIP) including Popularity and Resources. (So spending 30 pts on Strength gets you a strength of 30.)
50 pts for powers. You can use the powers from the Ultimate Powers book if you like.

You get d4 non-combat skills free.
More skills cost 10 pts per skill.
Martial Arts works differently than the book, though: basically it's 15 points (like karma points) you can add to any physical or psyche roll once each round and you can Slam or Stun anyone if you get that result. It costs 20 points.
You can also buy Super Martial Arts as a power (like Iron Fist) if you want a bigger pool of points than 15.

You can get more points to spend on any of this by choosing General Drawbacks or more points to spend on a specific power using Restrictions on Powers
General Drawbacks:

Age: below 18 or over 60 and it matters
+15 points

+15 pts

Irrational attraction to (person, place, thing, concept)--
+10 for minor (green feat to avoid)
+15 for major (yellow feat to avoid)
+25 for huge (red feat to avoid)

Irrational fear
+10 for minor
+15 for major
+25 for huge

Physical Handicap
+10 for minor (no sense of smell, trick knee)
+15 for major (hemophilia, wheelchair)
+25 for huge (blind, mute, missing a limb)

+10 for minor
+15 for major
+25 for huge

+10 for minor
+15 for major
+25 for huge

+10 for minor
+15 for major
+25 for huge

Strange Appearance:
+ 20

Vulnerability (a la Kryptonite)
+10 for minor
+15 for major
+25 for huge

Miscellaneous other drawback
+10-25 ask.

Restrictions On Powers:

Range: Touch
+15 for that power

Power always on that normally wouldn't always be
+15 for that power

Burns out on a white FEAT
+25 for that power

Power Restriction (doesn't work on yellow, etc.)
+5 for minor +15 for major +25 for big deal restriction

Other limitations you can think of 

+5 for that power


Unknown said...

the Negaverse Hit Squad be all like "fufufuFUFU", the justice league be all like "heyyy"

Zak S said...

They got Green Arrow (no surprise) and Batman (complete chance encounter on the dice) so far...

Barking Alien said...

Very curious to see how this panned out. Looking forward to a post detailing the outcome if and when you get the chance.

I thought of joining in, but the time slot and trying to understand the modifications above after 12:00 am on a work day just wasn't going to happen.

David Stocks said...

Having played in one of Zak's games (taking on Hydra) I can only imagine this game was very awesome.

Deryn Naythas said...

excellent idea! Hope the session was good!
I work on a d6 planetary game, from the comic book. Many super-hero games are played here, in France, it's cool, because it's not our culture. Do you know "la brigade chimerique"? It's a heroes game between the two WW.

Zak S said...

i don't know it.
I'm interested in french games because the artwork and packaging is often very beautiful but I do not own any