Saturday, March 22, 2014

Patton Oswalt's D&D Club Photo

I'm thinking:

Top row: Fighter, Magic-User, Dwarf*, Paladin, Elf
Bottom Row: Assassin, Magic-User, Elf, Thief


*That one's a freebie.


faoladh said...

The second one in the top row, I'm thinking Ranger. It's the coat and the hair.

Luca Lorenzon said...

Top row: Thief or Fighter, Fighter or Dwarf, Magic User or Dungeon Master, Elf, Elf
Bottom Row: Thief (were there Assassins in early D&D?), Magic User or Cleric, Thief or Fighter, Cleric

Rob L said...

Back in the day there was always that one guy that always played a cleric. Gotta be a cleric in that bunch somewhere! And maybe a hobbit/half lung thief. But now I'm just projecting.

Rob L said...

*halfling. But the iPod typo half lung is intriguing!

Gort's Friend said...

Every time I run into sets of these photos I have to remind myself we never had an organized club, because all the kids look like guys I knew.

Oh and the kid with the glasses back row is the Dungeon Master.