Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Cutting Edge of Cocking About

"This has never been done before."
"Yes. We are in fact on the cutting edge of cocking about." 

-Top Gear


So I ran the player-vs-player sci fi deathmaze. It was beautiful.

So 6 guys in a maze, right?

Rey's robot samurai is on one side of a door, he knows Joey's robot is on the other and vice versa.

Rey's robot samurai guy charges through a door with a sword, stabs his fellow robot, gets knocked to the floor almost immediately by a stun pistol, the other robot is ripping him apart, he's hovering on the edge of death, the corridor fills with someone's smoke bomb, the smoke bomb guy (a hobbit) stabs Joey in the back, Joey dies, Rey cannibalizes Joey's robot for spare parts.

Joey makes a new goblin PC who then stabs the hobbit in the back while he's trying to kill Rey (who is still on the floor and has been all game) then the hobbit is slain trying to flee, Joey's goblin runs off, then...

Joey's goblin is on one side of a door, he knows Rey's robot samurai is on the other side of the door and vice versa.

The same door.

Joey charges in. They grapple.

And here comes Han Solo. Because Ian died in another part of the complex earlier and made a new guy fast and so he made Han Solo.

Solo fires wildly into the smoky corridor and hits Joey. Joey dies.

Rey pulls a black bomb grenade off the goblin, tosses it into the room Solo's in.

Solo is blind, after some edge-of-seat back and forth with the crit chart, Rey kills Solo.


...this man, this fellow who has seen 3 foes slain on top of him without standing up, then cannibalize done's body to cold himself together, then stole their weapons and killed Han Solo after starting the game with nothing but a sword limps down the stairs, one-eyed, one arm smashed, one leg shattered, to kill the last surviving 1st-generation PC from the first round....

This man--this warrior--he howls for the coward's blood. And what happens?

It's so horrible, I can't bear to even type it out. Grisly details here.



Ian Johnson8:33 PM

This is the best game, and I hope to play again and I want this to become an insane trend and I want to run a league and I think +Zak Smith 's huge brain is amazing because this is so much fun.

I'd call that a successful playtest.

Sign up.

Oh and for Ken's take on that Night's Black Agent's game from last weekend go here.


Pearce Shea said...

Have you seen people doing this with 4e? Basically a wargame with one unit a person.


Fourthcore Team Deathmatch said...

We even have a huge ass tournament at GenCon and other local cons!


Zak S said...

That is cool.

Stop by more often.