Friday, December 7, 2012

Night's Black Agents And Carcosa Cheat Sheets

Night's Black Agents (spies and spylike individuals vs vampires) character generation is dead simple but for some reason it is not designed in such a way as to make that readily apparent.

For GMs and players I have made this here cheat sheet which gives you everything you need to make a basic thriller-mode NBA PC, click to enlarge:

and here's a fixed up character sheet.....

Also in the "If you're not doing it, I guess I will" department, I had my pdf reader search the words "castle" and "citadel" in my copy of Carcosa and then drew in on the map where the castles are (blue) and where the citadels are (orange).

This is helpful if you're running a political or warfare-oriented game or if you just want to know where the wandering monsters came from. Click to enlarge...


Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener said...

I thought I was the only one in the world who had played both these games.

I wish I had your cheat sheets when I was play testing this game for one of my groups. The play test crashed and burned when the players didn't have a combat scene, probably because I did a bad job of helping the players to figure out what to do. They kept asking me for guidance, and assumed that as soon as they made a mistake I would immediately screw them, instead of accepting any reasonable plan. I hope it was unfamiliarity with the genre, rather than thinking I was really out to screw them.

I once asked the author of Carcosa about the difference between citadels and castles, and he indicated there wasn't any real difference, so I was wondering if you had decided on a difference for your games.

Zak S said...

I don't use Carcosa as Carcosa, I use it as a generic hex map for wherever my PCs are in any kind of hexcrawl, so I tend to assume a castle is a castle and a citadel is any kind of large structure I feel like making up

Anonymous said...

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