Monday, November 26, 2012

Oozes, Monoliths and Clones

Connie said "I never know what to do in the day time"

I said "I never know what to do when I have a headache that won't go away"

So we got a game together.

They were in the Blue Dragon fortress of Cobalt Reach--radioactive jungle on the southern frontier of the goblin empire.

It was the number of sessions into the dungeon where players start going "Wait, why are we in this dungeon?"

They chased a guy in a floppy hat until they found themselves in the room with the Living Monolith in it.

This wasn't The Living Monolith who used to be The Living Pharoah, who should not be confused with It, The Living Colossus who is not the X-Men's Colossus or the machine Colossus which was (to quote the great Leonard Pierce) "...a giant supercomputer designed to solve the world's problems.  But not the Colossus the giant supercomputer designed to solve the world's problems that we see in the underrated film Colossus:  the Forbin Project.  It should also not be confused with It, the Living Colossus, even though it was a living colossus, unlike Colossus, who is no longer living.  You know what?  I forget what I'm even trying to say here."...this was the Living Monolith from page 38 of Carcosa, basically. It is a striking image. And Neon Genesis Evangeliony. At least as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway it's a magnificent image. But it also Caused Fear so the PCs took off.

After a while Floppy Hat explained about how he and the fellow minions of the Clone Lord were actually pretty happy about how the PCs had spent the last few sessions killing off the jackalmen because that's totally what they were gonna do.

Then Mandy asked if she could get a clone of herself. So the Clone Lord was like: well, here is what I ask in return...

He wanted them to do something extradimensional to the blue dragon's egg. They were like sure, whatever...arbitrary plausible objectives being the bread and butter of sandboxery and all

So they found a suicidal jelly on a throne (also from Carcosa), a Roschach encounter, a dinosaur pool, a shaft they had to climb up while short people with carrion crawler heads fell on them from above aaaand...the dragon.

Now, much to my chagrin, there's an invisibility ring in Death Frost Doom. Which Mandy picked up ages ago. Which means we have a situation where Connie borrows it to go loot the dragon's hoard, then sees the dragon, then Mandy's all get the fuck out of there and Connie didn't want to and before I knew it I had two characters arguing over possession of an invisibility ring used to loot the hoard of a mighty dragon.

And I thought, christ, what have I become?


Neil W said...

"...before I knew it I had two characters arguing over possession of an invisibility ring used to loot the hoard of a mighty dragon."

Someone should totally make a film about that.

Trent B said...

I am constantly inspired by your creative combat powers and encounters. They're so full of interesting decisions and potentially horrible plan-making. Case in point Alice, but also generally from what I read of your Axe group. So thanks for that.

Fonkin said...

Indeed! Add a few dwarf-tossing jokes and you've got a big hit single with a bullet!

mordicai said...

Quis tolkieniet ipsos tolkienes?

Matt Finch said...

That's the risk of fantasy: take one wrong turn and there you are with your feet stuck in a trope.