Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Highly Recommend You Do this Thing

Consider these words:

You know what your crapsack campaign world needs? Giants made out of sharks and elephants, lurking in a haunted house in the clouds, ready to jump out of cyclopean shadows and murder your PCs right in their stupid faces.

Have you considered them?

In these times of plush Hello Kitty Cthulhus, it doesn't take much to make a wild gonzoboast, but it takes true grit and wit to see it through to its logical conclusion.

There is a man who can do it and you, in all likelihood, know him.

He is Jeff, of the eponymous Gameblog.

Jeff's Gameblog is the DIY RPG blog. Without the example Jeff set--"Hey, you can just play whatever and play it however and think and then write about it and be fair to people and then people will come and talk to you about it and that'll be cool" none of the DIY D&D scene would exist in its current form.

If you like anything about this blog, the community that supports it and talks to it, any of the blogs on the blogroll, the Google + RPG people, I Hit It With My Axe, Vornheim, The Dungeon Alphabet, Grognardia, the Old School Renaissance in general, or are in any way appreciative that there is a way to talk about games on the internet without diving into a toxic suckpit of angry rules lawyers smacking each other over the head with memes from video games you never played, thank Mr Gameblog.

And now this world class GM, famed rulemonkey, clever lad, drunken master of game-design theory and all around Master of Leisure is now finally writing an adventure for actual cashmoney.

And it's called Broodmother Sky Fortress which is like the most metal name for an adventure since Death Frost Doom.

Even if you are not sure if you want a giant made out of sharks and elephants, you can be fairly sure you do want what will no doubt be one of the most impressively engineered chunks of dungeon in the sad and embarrassing history of the published RPG module. The implied humble brag at the heart of Jeff's bio:

Jeff Rients received the 1981 Basic D&D box for his eighth birthday and he's never been quite right since. A regular contributor to Fight On! magazine, a fixture at his local nerd conventions and a general purpose weirdo, Jeff is perhaps best known for his long running blog, the imaginatively titled Jeff's Gameblog, where his greatest contributions to the hobby may be rules for getting your PC into trouble while drunk or his theory that all RPGs are Retro, Stupid and/or Pretentious.

. true. All those dice on the brain have not produced a prickly internet uberdork but a guy who knows people and knows games and knows how to get the two to work together in a real way. Which is who you want writing a module.
When you tell someone like that it's finally time to put it on paper and that people are going to fork over legal tender for it, they tend to take it seriously and go the extra mile to produce that module the way they always hoped it would be.

So point is I have no idea really what'll be in this, but I'm very excited to see it.

So yeah, go do that.

It's part of metalhead gamer and experimental marketing enthusiast James Raggi's Whoa That's Crowdfunding A Lot Of Adventures At Once, There, Jimmy campaign.

(Other parts of it that caught my own personal eye include: An adventure by one of my very favorite DIY D&D monster drawers,Aeron Aelfrey, Vincent Baker, author of arty games about Mormons and stuff, finally putting his considerable talent for crisp prose behind something I might wanna read, an adventure by the dude from GWAR, (yes, that GWAR), a module to be illustrated by D&D With Porn Stars very own Satine Phoenix, some promising looking bits from spiffy gamer illustrators Rowena Aitken and Kelvin Green, as well as adventures from The Dungeon Alphabet guy and some guy named Monte Cook.)

So ok.


Daniel Dean said...

When i was first thinking about getting into this hobby, Jeff made up my mind for me. Saving pennies so i can do the 100 dollar pledge.

richard said...

Jeff is our godfather. Well said.

velaran said...

+ 6 star post!

Jeff Rients:

First off, everything stated in Zak's post above is the purest of truths. That's why his site has pride of place in my gaming links. Spend a short while over at the Gameblog and you'll come to the same conclusion yourself.

Jeff writing a LotFP adventure? Hells Yeah! I'm always down for some Retro-Stupid action! Especially when it comes from the Grand Wizard of Gonzo his own self.Plus, Giant-type Eleph-arks(or something to that effect) coming outta Cyclopean Shadows Murderfacing people is totally of interest to me. 'Broodmother Sky Fortress'? This sounds straight outta Kickassia.

Hell, everyone should just donate sight unseen, imo. It's Rients, after all. Everyone should know he won't disappoint.

Hell, I gotta pay him back for this stuff alone: Cinder; the Surfeit of Lampreys campaign; Shatnerday; Wizardly Wednesday; the formulation of the only true Game Classification System: Retro-Stupid-Pretentious; the Wraeththu Report; Encounter Critical play reports.... Honestly, for me, the list of awesome stretches over the past *8* years, for crying out loud.

If anyone has done more to be an ambassador for playing RPGs, *I* don't know who it is. I mean, damn, Jeff's been doing this thing since 2K4, with no drop off in his passion for, and creativity in, gaming. Not to mention, the man runs regular games on G+ and at his local gaming store! So the least I can do is throw him some well-deserved jack, right?

Kelvin Green:

Kelvin Green is both writing and illustrating his adventure, 'Horror Among Thieves'? The name alone *sounds* intriguing. Especially since he's big up into CoC. From what I've seen of his past efforts, I'll be backing this one, too.

Michel Curtis:

Curtis is always reliable for solid material, ime. Stonehell, Realms of Crawling Chaos, Fane of St. Toad, the Dungeon Alpahbet, etc... This gets my dollars.

Really looking forward to these, as well as Barrowmaze II!

Zak S said...


Kelvin Green said...

velaran, I'm glad you like the name and I hope the adventure will live up to the potential of the pun!

Zak, thanks for the plug!

arcadayn said...

Somehow, Broodmother Sky Fortress flew under my radar. How can you not support this project? Rients, Raggi, and Robinson? Triple win!