Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tentacle Pterodactyl Mushroom George Medusa etc

They were in a mushroom place and then pterodactyls attacked and killed some halflings and then tentacles came out of the halflings because of radiation or something and then the tentacles attacked the pterodactyls.

Frankie decided, I guess, that this game moment had what they call in the business "compelling visual potential" she drew it while we played.

Then they found this place...
This here druid of Stoya's came a save-or-die away from death. Nice and tense.
Her wolf's name is George? Was George? Can't remember: long Comic Con weekend plus a week of intensive leisure is doing things to my long-term memory.

This is what they got so far...


  1. I'm pretty jealous of anyone who got to go to Comic Con this weekend. Really I just need to get to some con in general but there are so many other things a broke college student should pay for.

  2. This stuff is all so much fun to read. Thanks, Zak. Keep up the good work.