Monday, December 26, 2011

And A 103 Pages Of Stuff In A Pear Treeeeeeee

The Secret Santicore pdf is finished.

42 things, over 100 pages.

On the design and organization front, Jez Gordon knocked it out of the park on this one. (Or, for Eastern Hemisphere readers: 'He scrummed it off the barbie in the ocker' or whatever you say.) Point is he went vastly above and magnificently beyond what any sane person would have done with a bunch of house rules and random things whipped up by various bloghappy DMs in response to the whims of various other bloghappy DMs.

I, for one, am more than pleased by the table of mechanical traps Andy Wise devised for me, and am eager to finish this entry such that I might peruse the rest of this vast feast.

Creatures, adventures, equipment, traps, tables, encounters, locations, even some Shadowrun, Modern, and Mutant Future stuff.


Courtesy of everybody who participated in Secret Santicore.

Be jolly about it.

Now, who wants to do some infinitely repeatable adventures for Groundhog, Giant Day?


  1. Awesome squared! Thanks to everyone for their outstanding efforts!

  2. Yeah, go download it. This is a great collection, and produced very slickly, with better art than many professional products. Zak, thanks for helping to make this thing happen.

    Incidentally, the image for this post features my request (wilderness strongholds). Neat.

    My entry is the weird cult generator. Feedback or play reports from anyone who uses it are welcome. :-)

  3. So wish I had helped out with Santicore, I'm definitely in for Groundhog, Giant Day

  4. Thanks for the kind words there Zak.

  5. Dear Everyone-Involved,-Particularly-The-Editor:

    That is an excellent compilation.
    Great content, great design.

    Much love.



  6. Wow. I am deeply impressed and thrilled this exists. I would love to be involved next year. Great job everyone, especially Jez. You killed it.

  7. We in the Eastern Himisphere would most likely say Jez "hit it for six", which is pretty much the same thing but in cricket...