Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roll For Take-Out


  1. its accurate for me and my past groups---all guys, easy, straight to the pizza, but we would keep rolling the d4 until we got all the toppings. :)

    needs a chips option though---hopefully one that has cool ranch doritos.

  2. Amazing !!! - love the fuckhead -> anchovies bit

  3. You don't eat the anchovies, you don't get the XP.

  4. Are your friends totally broke?
    y----> Search dumpsters behind supermarket.
    Is it totally gross?
    y----> Brutal.
    Will players eat dumpster food anyway?
    y----> Award xp accordingly, warn players not to vomit in house...

  5. I think the only thing missing is subs and Italian food (pizza is a different category). D4 subs 1: all meat,no veggies, 2: all veggies, no meat, 3: tuna, 4: any meat combo add bacon.