Saturday, March 6, 2021

Still not seeing the pattern?

So, AuraTwilight, aka Paimon Prowler has been accused of being an abuser and no longer runs the OSR Discord.

So, as I suggested we might three days ago, we now have a D12 table:

1. Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Head of Community at Kickstarter

2. Brandon Dixon (Swordsfall)

3. Adam Koebel (Dungeon World/ Streamer)

4. PH Lee (Bliss Stage, Hot Guys Making Out, storygamer)

5. Ben Chong (various "games about relationships, storygamer)

6. Sean Patrick Fannon (Savage Rifts)

7. BlackHatMatt (RPGnet moderator)

8. Tyler Carpenter (Battletech, storygamer)

9. The folks at Green Ronin (who either committed sexual misconduct or handled it poorly)

10. Shoe Skogen (my ex's friend, outed as an alleged abuser after being made an OSR discord mod as a reward for harassing me)

11. Elizabeth Sampat (storygamer, ex-girlfriend and enabler of Gamergate-related sucide Alec Holowk

12. Jared Cassady aka AuraTwilight aka Paimon Prowler (runs the OSR Discord)

And guess what Jared has in common with all these other disgraces to gaming?

I'm going to ask the same question I've asked for years: how many more of these people have to go down before what's going on here becomes clear?

If somebody doesn't like the Guy Who Asks Questions how hard is it to figure out they're hiding something?


Zak-Chad Elite said...

The Best part of that screenshot is that he's not even remotely what he claims to be. He's a teacher(!).
He's also claimed to be a shinto god from a cult and half japanese(he is not).

Wacky shit

Zak Sabbath said...


I am not sure that's the best part, but it's a part.

I have a lot of screencaps of Aura doing abusive shit, but this diagnosis is particularly weird.

If anything coming from a gay greaser furry hypnotist gamer hatemonger alleged cult-leader can be said to be any weirder than anythign else

Zak-Chad Elite said...

I saw a cap of him posting some story about how he has a medical disorder that prevents him from living in reality and his parents just sorta let hom believe it, which is very convenient for a person outed as a lying groomer after they've claimed to be a japanese cultist god with a successful furry light novel series psychologist.

I gotta admit, the "I'm not a pedophile, I'm * I * N * S * A * N * E * " defense is a new one to me.

Zak Sabbath said...


This was the heart of everyone in the OSR's reason for pushing me out, from Patrick to Shoe

"Zak goes around asking people for proof of things, this scares literally delusional liars out of the community and that's somehow a bad thing"

Kyle T said...

That was far more information than I ever wanted to know about the furry hypnodom community.