Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Demon City Update, Art Show, More Pictures

(also the gallery is ground-floor and fully disabled-accessible)

-I am currently making art for the game and will keep doing that and almost nothing else until mid-April because I have an art show in New York which will feature a lot of the Demon City art. About 90% of the "necessary" art is done and about 70% of the amount of art I expect to have in the final book (once the text is finalized I'll probably just keep drawing/painting and send the graphic designer more pictures until literally the last minute bc why not).

-The game is play-ready and all the "necessary" monsters, spells, equipment, advice, etc are written. It covers the bases.

-I am adding and altering things in the text as I go however, based on playtests, "things that would be nice", peoples' feedback on what makes horror GMing hard for them, etc I'd like to add some different xp-incentives by class/motive, some suggestions for subgenre-specific games (ie how to alter the rules for a hard-boiled horror game, for a more lovecrafty game, for a Japanese schoolkid horror, etc). Also smoothing out the writing and giving more examples, and GM tools.

-I also am wrangling many contributors for bonus content. They usually cough up their bits if I go "Ok, your deadline is in a week", but I'm not jerking the leash on the stragglers until necessary.

-The graphic designer has started laying out pages, but that part always takes a long time. He will probably kick in to high gear during the next phase in May.

-After that the publishing date will basically depend on how much the graphic designer gets paid. More crowdfunding=faster. We want to do a lot of things that are complex and nonstandard, like character-generation flowcharts and whatnot, to make it really user-friendly.

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remial said...

I have a couple questions about Demon City if you don't mind.
is the plan to release a hardcopy of the game?
is there a publisher?
what are we looking at price wise? (don't get me wrong, I'm on board, I just want to know how much I need to budget)

Zak Sabbath said...


There will of course be a hardcopy--hardcover and with all the stops pulled out
The publisher is going to be Mike Evans' DIY RPG, who did Hubris
Pricewise I am not 100% yet but i think in the 30-50$ range

Örtmästharn said...

That was a nice progress update. Do you think the book will be published this year?

Zak Sabbath said...

If the crowdfunding does well: yes.