Thursday, April 26, 2012


Have some RPG or RPG-related crap you don't want? Post it in the comments here, then tradewith other ladies and gents. Only post stuff you'd be willing to part with in exchange for other stuff (not cash).

Here's my list of stuff I have doubles of or no longer need:


City State of the Invincible Overlord (D20)(2004)
AD&D Lankhmar: City of Adventure (usable but worn)
Best of Dragon III and IV

Iron Kingdoms Character guide
Harrowing Halls dungeon tiles set

Too much various 3.x stuff to list here--ask and I've probably got 1 or 2 copies of whatever you need (except corebooks).

Comic books:
Dylan Dog Casefiles
Watchmen collection
Watching the Watchmen (50$ hardcover book all about Watchmen)
Death Duty: Nick Fury/Black Widow
Dark Knight Strikes Again #2


  1. I've got the villains and vigilantes corebook.

    It'll be interesting to see what gets offered here.

  2. I've got...

    (1) "Fearful Passages" Call of Cthulhu scenario book
    (1) Castles & Crusades Player's Handbook hardcover (2004 edition)
    (1) Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure hardcover (2005 edition)

    The CoC book is used but in good shape. The C&C books are like new.

    1. Gabriel Harley,

      I'm interested in the Fearful Passages book.

      You don't happen to be interested in S3 for AD&D, Tha Palace of the Ontocle, The Blade of Allectus for DragonQuest or maybe Talislanta Geographica or Cyclopedia Talislanta Vol II?

    2. Not interested? Feel free to just say so.

  3. also, i want a place in one of my games called bartertown

  4. I have several books from The Enemy Within campaign. I live in The Netherlands and can ship overseas.

  5. Hackmaster Basic w/ Kingdoms of Kalamaar

    It is a cool system, but I'm never gonna use it.

    1. Is the Kingdoms of Kalamar PDF or hardcopy?

  6. some gaming magazines

    1.Strategy & Tactics # 145. (Sept. 1991).
    2.Games quarterly #3. (Fall 2003)
    3. Dragon #150, 153, 280, 303 (no pull-out map)
    4. Space Gamer Vol. II, no. 1 (July/Aug 1989)
    5. White Dwarf #111, 160, 216, 274
    6. Shadis #11 (Vol. II, No. 5)
    7. Knucklebones Premier (Nov. 2005), July 2006


    1.Swordquest. Task Force Games item #2001. “Revised edition,” copyright 1979.
    2. The Ring of Rule rules book, 2nd ed. (2004) (wargame rules similar to Warhammer published by Russian minis company Zvedza)
    3. Revenge (1992) (Medieval wargames rules for miniatures, including naval and siege rules)
    4. War Games Rules 3000BC-1485AD, 7th ed. aka WRG 7th (1992)
    5. Lord of the Rings Risk, Trilogy edition

  7. How about

    (1) Rifts Sourcebook Number One
    (2) Forbidden Kingdoms RPG hardcover
    (3) Terra Primate RPG hardcover

    1. I'll trade you something for the Rifts sourcebook 1

  8. One (1) Unused "Labyrinth Lord Core Book" Hardcover (Revised Edition)

    One (1) Very Slightly Used "The Keepers of Lingusia" Softcover

    Several D&D 4e Books, slightly used.

    One (1) Slightly Used "Dave Arneson's Blackmoor" Softcover (GSL/4e Version)

    ** One (1) still-mostly-in-shrinkwrap "D&D 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide Special Edition" Leathered Hardcover **

  9. Oh, and seven (7) Unused-but-not-perfect Hackmaster Basic Books. They're a touch jostled from shipping.

    1. I'm interested in these, in addition to the RPGs below, I've got a sizeable amount of board games available for trade (

  10. - Spirit of the Century
    - that's it.

  11. Things to trade eh . . .

    Heroes Unlimited Revised
    Werewolf 2ed + Book of the Wyrm and Russia Sourcebook
    Changeling 2ed
    Vampire Set sourcebook
    Mechwarrior 2ed
    Kromosome (Amazing Engine)
    Shatterzone(not sealed but complete, cards are sealed, even has the included dice)

    Not an RPG but I also have an WH40k 2ed Eldar Codex for trade.

  12. Here's what I've got for trade:

    Castles & Crusades Players Handbook (4th printing HC)
    Castles & Crusades Players Handbook (4th printing digest)
    Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure (3rd printing HC)
    C&C U1: Shadows of Halfing Hall

    Dragon Age Quickstart Guide
    Dragon Age RPG, Set 1
    Dragon Age Game Master's Kit
    Dragon Age - Blood in Ferelden

    Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure Starter

    Pathfinder - We Be Goblins!

    Savage Worlds - The Wild Hunt

    All are in like new/excellent condition. I'm looking for HackMaster 5th edition (i.e. HackMaster Basic/Advanced HackMaster) materials.