Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, right...

So I just noticed all these people (or, in some of your cases, all you people) talking about me over on this post. (And saying nice things, so thank you.) Anyway, it hadn't occurred to me that I haven't really talked much about how I ended up playing old school D&D with professionally naked women.

The only reticence I have on this subject is I want this blog to be for us--that is, people who play games--and not a sort of gossip-mine for the porn press. Porn press is weird: there are, for example, robots that cruise the web for the word "porn stars" and automatically create new porn websites out of whatever content the sentence was part of and they've already done it with my site.

Meanwhile, the human people in the porn press also take any scrap of gossip about anybody in porn that's remotely interesting or stalker-friendly and repeat it endlessly and distort it to make porn people seem even stupider than they sometimes are, which particular headache I and my friends don't need.

And don't even get me started on snarky lunatics who post random hate on porn blogs. You don't want those psychos next to you in the "comments", trust me.

Plus, if you want to know non-Dungeons-&-Dragons-stuff about me and the people in my game it's really easy to track down info using the posts on this blog tagged "players". I mean, most of you reading this can probably find FASERIP-converted statistics for Vecna's best friend's cleaning lady in less than fifteen minutes--I'm guessing you're all googlicious enough to be able to find some porn on the internet.

So anyway, here's how this started:

Satine Phoenix, who I've worked with many times, was talking about how she wanted to play D&D ever since she broke up with her D&D-playing-boyfriend.

I said, "Alright, let's do it."

Then I wrote an adventure.

Then it sat in a drawer forever while we tried to schedule it.

Then I ended up using it with Mandy Morbid and some other (non-porn) friends while I was visiting New York.

When Mandy and I got back home to LA we were all jazzed because we'd had so much fun, we started kicking it into high gear finding players. Since most of the people we know in LA are from her work or mine, they're all people in the Industry.

That's that.


Christopher B said...

Honestly, the whole porn thing kept me away from your blog until I read the post you mentioned above. (It's the internet, after all - when I see the word "porn" I instinctively ignore it and anything it's attached to.) I'm glad I saw that post, because otherwise I'd have missed out on some really great stuff here. (That last post - "McCormick and His Paladin" - being a prime example.) Makes me wonder how many other folks are missing out for the same reason...

Anonymous said...

Porn or no porn, thanks for a refreshing interesting blog.

Matthew Slepin said...

Porn press is weird...

Man, porn and the internet some kind of amazingly volatile mixture.

Norman Harman said...

@Christopher B
Hmmm, I have quite the opposite reaction to word or hint of porn ;) I wonder how many other things **you're** missing out on based on your preconceptions of them, eh?

When I first saw this blog, I thought it would be some lame gimmick. Glad to say that was unsubstantiated worry. I'm impressed with how author handles the subject. Or, mostly treats it as no big deal. Which I'm sure it isn't to them.

Jayson said...

Does it count as jumping on a bandwagon when you actually agree with the sentiment?

Regardless, I too appreciate this blog for both the gamey content and the perspective on gaming itself--it's a nice reminder that the hobby is more diverse than we think.

Zak S said...

I can never figure out what Kent is talking about.

Chris said...

That's the great thing about the web-o-tubes: what's everyday gaming life to one guy in LA is an exotic world of unexpected juxtapositions to some of us here in the peanut gallery.

Also, Bill Brasky gag potential aside, the content of this here blog is always fun & thought-provoking.

Barking Alien said...
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Barking Alien said...

An open and flexibly minded sort of guy, I tend to not make snap judgements about anything without at least checking it out first myself.

That said, when this blog was recommended to me by another fellow blogger I said to myself, "The title alone is too intriguingly different to not take a look at it".

I'm glad I did as I find Zak's writing to be excellent, his ideas fun and wacky and his observations spot on.

I had the pleasure to meet Zak recently during his trip to NYC and he's a straight up nice and funny guy.

I was kind of curious how it all came about and now I know. And remember, knowing is half the battle.

Herobizkit said...

I was expecting a punch line.

"Satine Phoenix, who I've worked with many times, was talking about how she wanted to play D&D ever since she broke up with her D&D-playing-boyfriend."

I said, "Alright, let's do it."

Punch Line: So we did.

"Then I wrote an adventure."