Friday, January 11, 2013


These fantasmagorical biohorror monster miniatures are from a new game called Kingdom Death which looks so fucked up in a good way.

Mandy Morbid, our head miniature reviewer here at D&D With Porn Stars says:

"I think the one with the boobs is pretty amazing".

They're big, too, sculpted at 35mm-- which means the people would be big for an RPG, but monsters
are whatever scale you want them to be.

If anybody gets a copy of the game, let us know what it's like.



Unknown said...

I've been following them for a couple of years while they were only selling miniatures and jumped on the kickstarter when it came up, not because I particularly thought I'd ever play it, but because it comes with SO MANY MINIATURES. The gameplay video on the kickstarter page pretty much confirms for me that it isn't something I'll want to actually play. The design is really clever (nobody controls the monster, its actions are determined by a deck of cards), but it seems like what became one of the worst parts of 4e for me, the boss grind, made into its own game. It won't be delivered until November so it'll be a bit of a wait to find out for certain what it's like, and then I'll be drowning in a pile of miniatures and you may even find a few headed your way (because the $2mil it raised meant that goddamn near everything was doubled)

Anonymous said...

"The one with the boobs" reminds me of the old fertility goddess figurines, but with a gas mask, children's arms and a liver foot.

Reverend Dak said...

The gameplay vid on the kickstarter basically looks like Type IV D&D without the role playing, and DM is a deck of cards.

AsenRG said...

That sounds like a good way to introduce new players to D&D in general, then?

Revenant said...

They look like they were made with a 3d printer.