Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"..so that when all our kids are born Venusians we will understand them"

If I told you that this article where William Burroughs writes about Led Zeppelin and talks to Jimmy Page contains--to my mind--a great deal of RPGable material including a detailed discussion of sonic death rays would you care or would you just be like "Holy fuck! William Burroughs writing about Led Zeppelin and talking to Jimmy Page!"

Either way, you really should stop reading this and go read that.


  1. Holy hell. Thanks for passing that along. Still processing the thoughts ....

  2. Wish it was the whole mag and not just one article!

    Check out the names on the cover: Studs Terkel, Muhammad Ali, Rodney Dangerfield, I. F. Stone...

  3. one of the best beat legends. loved the article, thank you so much!

  4. I love that he starts out talking about how unsure he was about writing about music, since near the end of his life he'd help Tom Waits write The Black Rider.

  5. "A rock concert is in fact a rite involving the evocation and transmutation of energy. Rock stars may be compared to priests..."


    New project: heavy metal (ÜBER heavy metal) fantasy game where the cleric class is replaced by rockers and religion is metal. Obviously you'd need equivalently metal replacements for the other classes, clearly Paladins/Cavaliers are replaced with Bikers, Thieves are Anarchists, maybe Magic-users are now Substance-users that gain otherworldly experience and knowledge from altered states of consciousness. Magic-hating types like dwarves or Conan are Straight-edge (as much as I hate the actual SXE "scene"), whereas someone like Elric is so far gone he need a huge cocktail of uppers and downers just to function...

    and of course it takes place in post-apocalyptic/gothic/metal/fantasy world, because that too is metal.