Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Help Flood Victims By Watching Them Die"

Well that's what Patrick said.

The OSR Hurricane Hurricane Relief Bundle is live and full of stuff you should own anyway:

Deep Carbon Observatory, the strangest and most depressing OSR adventure from the multi-award-winning Veins of the Earth team

Dark of Hot Springs Island--gorgeously laid out open hexcrawl with competing factions, brilliant information design and gobs of creativity.

Slumbering Ursine Dunes, Mystery Isles of the Eld and a bunch more trippy stuff from Hydra--I've played in some of these and they're a blast

I Am Zombie Field Manual--this book is gorgeous, the art is embarrassingly good. The bundle is worth it for this alone, by Vampire creator Mark Rein-Hagen.

One of the best, weirdest OSR zines (Vacant Ritual Assembly)...
....and wayyyyy more stuff.

Help people who are losing their homes and get some amazing new game stuff to play with.

Expires 9/13 midday.

Reddit sez:

"Holy wow. This is the best bundle I have ever seen."

"Great googly moogly."

"Picked it up for Ursine Dunes, Deep Carbon, Hot Spring Island, Misty Isles of Eld, and of course Schoolgirl Sidekicks."

"This is an amazing bundle, probably the best I've ever seen." get on it.


  1. I came, I donated, I got lots of good stuff. (Honestly, this is maybe the third time I've paid for that Deep Carbon Observatory pdf? I don't mind at all!)


  2. vacant ritual assembly is what you always wanted zines to be; incredible volume of content spilling on your clothes in embarrassing ways.

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