Monday, September 25, 2023

I'm Going To Break Some News About The New Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

As far as I know--nobody knows what I'm about to write but me and the chain of people who got it to me, so it's breaking news.

There's a new Marvel superhero RPG. Though playtest kits have been out for at least a year, the final game seems to have come out in early August:

It says its by a longtime industry hack named Matt Forbeck:

But documents I've got suggest it's not.

Apparently the bulk of the game is by Alex Macris, the guy who was (rightly) drummed out of the RPG industry because he worked closely with Breitbart right-wing mouthpiece Milo Yiannopoulos,  and the guy who me and the D&D With Porn Stars crew parted ways with because he hired a transphobe. Yiannopoulos is famous far outside the RPG sphere.

How do I know this? 

Well, basically, because folks in the RPG industry destroyed my life and I had to sue lots of them for defamation, I've spent the last 5 years collecting every piece of information I could on all the worst people in the RPG scene--very much including Macris and Forbeck.

And one of the folks feeding me information happened to be in Macris' discord group, and Macris spilled his guts to them.

Here are the screenshots, Macris is "Archon", the other person is my source (not a native english speaker so that's why the grammar's weird):

These screenshots are pretty much all I know--that and that Macris and Forbeck are both very bad people who have done very bad things in the past.

Obviously if I start asking questions, nobody will answer. But you should.

If anyone in the game press wants to figure out what's going on--Matt Forbeck's website is here.

And his twitter is here.

The dedicated reddit for the game is here.



Zak Sabbath said...



No anonymous comments allowed.

Zak Sabbath said...

@other anon


No anonymous comments allowed.

Haxar said...

Didn't you write a series of questions a few years ago along the lines of 'if an anti-semite writes a game and no one knows they wrote it and it doesn't come through in the writing, is it still anti-semitic'? This oddly seems like a practical example of that line of thinking, except also adding Disney into the mix to confuse things.

Zak Sabbath said...


I did, and part of the point of that line of questions wasn't that there were specific right and wrong answers I was looking for.

The point was that if a person had any kind of thought-out or sensical worldview they'd be pretty easy to answer for themselves--they'd have answers locked and loaded because they wee very simple questions.

This is an even simpler moral situation:

We know the text benefits multiple evil people as-is.

Every unit sold and every moment of praise--at the minimum--feathers Matt Forbeck's nest.

Adamantyr said...

Love the whining in the Discord posts... Who thinks it's okay to use the word 'bitch' in a professional environment?!

And no good guys on this one, in any corner.

Zak Sabbath said...


you were asked a question here:

..and didn't answer yet.

No comments from you can be published til you do that.

Zen-like said...

So they DIDN'T pay a nazi or his friend, and instead paid a Nazi's enemy. What exactly do you want to arise from this? "I'm just asking questions" is not allowed.

Zak Sabbath said...


They paid Matt Forbeck, who is just as bad as Macris and Yiannopolous.

-And- Forbeck took credit for the work.

-And- the game itself is a Macris product.

What I want to arise from this is the same thing any sane person would, and the same thing anyone reporting on bad behavior wants: I want everyone involved held accountable.

The nicest version of "held accountable" is they just all publicly admit what they did and apologize.

longtime reader said...

Serious question: Alexander Macris is a piece of shit, that much is clear. He got into bed with a viper and the viper bit him. But why are you trying to do to him what was done to you?

Zak Sabbath said...

@longtime reader

I'll level with you:

Your question sounds completely insincere because the answer is so breathtakingly obvious. BUT some people are very stupid, and/or are so infected with 4chan logic that they don't actually think past the most obvious rhetorical speedbump, so I will 100% spell it for you.

However, understand I have no illusions that you will read this, grasp it, or respond to it. You probably just left a drive-by comment because your life is empty.

But for any better people than you that might be confused:

Matt Forbeck and Alexander Macris are people who did terrible things. that's 100% provable. The documents exist.

Therefore it's important that people be warned about them and that their power and influence be limited so they won't cause more harm.

I didn't do terrible things--and that's 100% provable--the documents exist. So it is _not_ appropriate that I suffer any negative consequences for my actions.


Arthur Fisher said...

Who's Matt Forbeck and why does he suck?
Googling only tells me he did a bunch of gaming stuff back in the 90's and has been a Sean-Bean-in-Ronin low level hired gun ever since.

Zak Sabbath said...

@arthur fisher

yeah-- he also was a member of the right-wing smear campaign